In June 1973 a Par maid, Pauline Goodman, was rushed to the maternity ward in Treliske to give birth to a son. 6 hours later she was joined by her friend, Fowey maid Gail Wellington, who also gave birth to a son. And both mothers and sons stayed friends thereafter.

41 years, 9 months and 16 days later, and the son of the Par maid, Tony Goodman, bought the lease of The Globe Posting House in Fore Street in Fowey with the intention of restoring it to its former glory in its position right in the middle of town. He needed a chef and needed to look no further than the son of the Fowey maid, Glynn Wellington, who has already acquired a first class reputation as a chef through working at Fowey Hall Hotel, Food for Thought, and latterly in The Bistro. And so the two babies born to local maids were re-united once more.

The latest re-incarnation of this historic building in the town now offers beautiful food in comfortable surroundings, sympathetic to the age of the building, but most importantly providing the very best in food and drink that Cornwall has to offer. I have always been a very proud Cornishman and wanted to create a restaurant that reflected the very best that the County has to offer but not just to keep it Cornish. I wanted to prove that you produce some fantastic food without going very far at all. And we have achieved that at The Globe working with suppliers, some quite literally on our doorstep! Our bread comes from Niles Bakery which is 10 yards from our front door. All of our beef comes exclusively from James Kittow of Kittow Bros at Kilhallon, someone else I’ve known my entire life. In fact, my father and his Grandfather Joe were school friends themselves in St Blazey and then drinking buddies after that. James is providing us with steak from his home bred cattle which is hung and aged for us at Kilhallon then dry aged in our chamber with Himalayan salt. All of our fruit and veg comes from Richards of Par, another lifelong friend who I am also proud to work with. Roddas provide our milk, butter, and the essential ingredient of clotted cream. There isn’t a dish on any of our menus that doesn’t feature a Cornish product and that’s something we are immensely proud of. Even our tomato ketchup is Cornish! And with Glynn’s fantastic talent, flair with food, and taste for flavours, we believe we are producing some amazing dishes with our local ingredients. Currently twice baked cheese souffle is our favourite starter, and the line caught cod, accompanied by Fowey-grown artichoke puree, is a beautiful main course. And proving that the Cornish cakey tea is still as popular as ever, we serve it every day of the week, and you only have to look at the smile on people’s faces to know how good it is.

But that wasn’t enough and I wanted to make sure the drinks were as local as possible as well, and this has been made so much easier by the excellent products now being produced by both the big and micro producers in Cornwall. We have Korev and Tribute from St Austell Brewery, and craft ale that changes as we sell it but is always from one of Cornwall’s many micro-breweries. We have Cornish cider, gin, bottled water, and are constantly looking for new Cornish drinks but there is one right now which is my favourite and I am shouting it from the rooftops. Aval Dor is vodka, made from Dustows potatoes at Colwith Farm near Treesmill, the same potatoes we use for our Sunday roast. And it is amazing. And now they make Fowey River Gin as well which is one of the finest gins anywhere in the world never mind Cornwall. To be able to offer premium spirits that are grown and made within 4 miles of the restaurant and to have them of such brilliant quality is an amazing advert for the very best that Cornwall has to offer. I have even managed to get coffee beans that have been hand-roasted in Cornwall.

I’m proud to say that when it came to the renovations of The Globe, even that is kept local. The carpenter and the electrician were from Fowey, the plumber came all the way from Par! And most of the building supplies came from David Bailey at Walter Baileys. And it’s this philosophy that I want to continue all the way through The Globe as we bring the rooms up to date and start to offer accommodation as well. I would like The Globe to be seen as a shining example that you can be Cornish, use Cornish produce, offer the finest Cornish hospitality, and help contribute to a thriving local economy at the same time, whilst still making a profit!

Come in and see us and what our wonderful County has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!